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Swanky Seconds Thrift Store

The Lakenheath Thrift Shop is a non-profit thrift shop.
The thrift shop is located on RAF Lakenheath in building 960, next to Burger King.
Funds raised by our sales provide funds to our schools and other base organizations as well as giving thousands of dollars each year to the annual community scholarship awards.

Hours of Operation

Tuesday: 1000 - 1400

Wednesday: 1200 - 1800

Thursday: 1000 - 1400

3rd Saturday: 1000 - 1400

Donation Hours

Tuesday: 1000 - 1300

Thursday: 1000 - 1300

Help Out

We always welcome volunteers to come help our in our shore. Come in any day we are open. Volunteers receive either 50% their purchase that day or thrift store bucks towards a future purchase!

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